Saturday, November 20, 2010

I Don't Care What They Say .. I'm In Love With You !!

gosh people these days are so getting on my nerves .. everyone suddenly is calling just to ask or sniff around why we broke up .. i barely pick up coz i know why they are all calling .. just to satisfy their curiosity and everyone goes like hmmm its better off this way !! people why is it better everyone has his own opinion why we are better off this way some see we were together for too long some see that we r not for eachother even our best friend said that we had alot of fights and its us not the circumstances and all and we were to leave each other sooner or later well EXCUSE ME people i didn't ask for anyone's opinion and though i will say something stop assuming what was going on between us even if we fight so what all people fight but we fought in those last few months not like ever because everything was falling over our heads but you know what we managed to get back to happiness everytime though everything we had something solid it was our love yes we love eachothers it was true though every one says it was the thing u have once in your life .. just once its the forever and ever material i dun care what everyone thinks .. maybe we broke up maybe its for ever but this guy is my destiny even if i am not gonna end up with hi but he was the one for me i was happy with him even when we were fighting i was happy to know that he is there and he will always be there or to be honest i was Safe to know that he will always has my back .. this didn;t turn out to be as i hoped ofc maybe the circumstances were stronger than him but not me i would have stayed but aftr what i saw i cudn't .. and he didn't try to pull me back but deep down inside me .. i dunno why i am feeling this but i know its not goodbye .. we r not through maybe i am mistaken but i dunno i still feel so .. and if its really over then people its not for the best or its better off this way .. if it was in my hands i'll do it all over again .. i dun regret any second i spent with him .. even if he will leave me rot .. he will always be my special baby and i will always be his loving mom cause my love for him is way bigger than any knife he put in my heart ..