Thursday, November 18, 2010

Goodbye My Lover ..

This is the last time am gonna write about you or talk about you with anyone .. am gonna take all our memories and bury it so deep inside of me .. yes i'm letting you go am setting you free .. i see you have moved on .. so quick yeah but thats time for me to move on too .. i can't keep living in pain and you feeling nothing i knew you wanted this all along and i hope that you get what you want i can't say i hate or that i'm releived now no your memory will always be honored .. i've lived with you the best days of my life so far i remember everything you were my first love .. my first true thing .. i really wished you were the one for me .. i loved you with my everything we have lived somedays together that however i tired i will never forget .. but they are all memories now .. memories thats gonna enter my small memories box and be locked up till further notice i'll gather everything you got me and keep it away so i prevent myself from seeing them and growing soft am gonna learn from you and be tough .. for the 4 past years you were my armour .. you  were the one i run to whenever i need someone you were all i wanted that i didn't bother knowing anyone else .. i was damn sure that you will always be there but apparently i was wrong .. the day we broke up i was in so much pain and the thing is i didn't find anyone to run to .. you were my all now ur gone and i have nothing .. so its time for me to be my all for me at least am sure that i can't leave me .. i won't say i hate you now or love you less but am gonna move on i can't just keep standing there watching you moving on and me just waiting for you to wake up someday missing me .. so your going now to be locked up in a box and i will act like i am okay until i believe it .. i'll go back and know people i'll put other purposes in my life other than living to love you i will never forget you thats a promise .. a part of me will always be for you .. you changed alot in me i'm a whole different person now and only because of you so thank you for that , thank you for everything .. i dunno whats gonna happen in the future i dunno if we will ever meet again i dunno if you will find the kind of girl you want or i'll find another guy the future is unknown .. but i'll not hurt you i'll go pretend like you nvr mattered as you did with me i'll just walk away with the shatters of my dignity .. and i'll mend myself up i know i can i'm a strong girl .. i'll get over this break up i'll forget all the bad drama we had in those last few months so when if i met you again i will be able to smile 
Good luck ya 7abiby .. lesa batmanalk el kher zy el awel we yemken aktr kaman .. we ab2a aftkrni bl kher don't fill you heart with hate to me 
khaly balk menak :)

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