Thursday, November 11, 2010

I am just tryna be .. Happy !!

Here i'm !! 8 am in the early morning and i dunno what to do .. of course you can suggest many stuff that i actually HAVE TO do but none of them is something i Wanna do 
bored .. bored .. bored to the 7th layer of hell .. have plenty of stuff to do and maybe thats whats boring me to hell i always have stuff to do of course i should have known that when i entered Pharmacy school but is this it ? am i really this bored cause i have some study to do ?! 
the thing is i am losing the meaning of life .. i am losing the taste of everything sweet .. but then i say Aren't we All ? 
why did we turn out to be like this .. why every one i talk to is depressed and have loads of shit to deal with .. problems with friends , lovers , family , co - workers , why dun we just start living life as it should be and be happy 
i am sure that god didn't create us to be sad and frowny all the time god is mercy so am sure he wants us to be happy and am gonna do God's Will .. am gonna be God's good girl hehe 
i will quit trying to be happy .. Am gonna be Happy am gonna do what i want .. i will fall and rise again .. i will not quit trying .. i'l try n try n try all over again till i get what i want i want just stand still and watch life pass me by or wait life to hand me what i want i'll move my a** and go take it my self i'll aim high until i get what i want and if i didn't get it i'll try for another thing until i'll eventually get something .. i know i will
i'll just have faith .. i'll shoot for the moon and i know that one day i'll get there 
So Sadness , Pain , Misery , Loss .. Try Your Best .. it won't work ... UNBREAKABLE ME (H) 

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