Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Time to Put My Life Back Together Right Now !!

I Just Can't Keep Living This Way So Starting Today I'm Breaking Out Of This Cage I'm Standing Up Imma Face My Demons I'm Manning Up Imma Hold My Ground I've Had Enough Now Am So Fed Up Time to Put  My Life Back Together Right Now !!

Yes !! I've Had Enough .. Am So Tired I need to take over my Life again am done living this way just waiting for some miracle am gonna Change ! yes from now on a brand new me i know i've said that like 1000 times and i always fall back in the same pattern but at least i won't give up i won't back down i 'll kep trying till i feel like i've done something the first step is Taking over my life i need to decide what am gonna do later and i do it i won't just keep making plan and screwing them up ! no this time i need to change i need a desperate change the f****** miracle won't happen till i do it with my own hand ! don't you see people the miracle we are all waiting is for us to move .. do something if you wanna be better at school then start studying if you wanna get ahead in work then bust your a** more .. God is justice if you do something that deserve a miracle you will get the damn miracle but we are all lazy asses waiting for something magical to flip our world upside down will i hate to break it to you .. but its not gonna happen ! unless you take over yourself and am gonna start here with my self .. am gonna start building up my life and my first step is doing good in my next exams and i will .. i promise i will i'll do my best so i won't let down myself anymore .. Hola if you been down the same road !

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