Saturday, November 13, 2010

4:30 am ..

4:30 am and i didn't sleep , i am a night person to be honest i just love nights and their cold shivers am doing nothing so i thought why dun speak her alittle
am listening to some old songs like the platters only you , and come fly with me to frank sinatra , Edith piaf oh how i adore her voice 
i am waiting for darling to call me so we talk abit before we go to bed .. oh god how i miss him been like three months since i last saw him .. i miss him so bad miss being with him and just seeing him infront of my eyes ... ughh hun why did you have to be so far :( 
he told me he got me some top he saw n liked .. i really loved that he thought of me and got me something .. isn't he adorable , well thts my baby ..always willing to get me anything just to make me happy .. love you darling to bits n pieces mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

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