Saturday, November 13, 2010

Shopping Therapy !!

Yeah ! Shopping therapy ... i really need to go shop ! i need to buy some nice stuff to boost my self esteem a bit when i buy some new outfits or perfume or smth and i put it on n it look good it totally changes my mood that new look i mean
i wanna go to get some makeup  ,, maybe some lipstick n a good eye shade , but the most essential thing i need is the body splash from victoria secrets i dig dig dig the Vanilla Lace , love the pure seduction too and a friend of mine lately recommended the " Delicate Petals " so am gonna go n check it
[ Vanilla Lace ]
Pure Seduction
[ Delicate Petals ]
Another thing i wanna buy is some black nail polish .. yeah i am a black nail polish fan ! i just love the way my hand looks like when my nails are polished in black plus am gonna go buy some silver rings with black stones in them and wear them like at least three in one hand i see models wear this style all the time and it kinda catched my eyes .. so am get some stuff kinda like this .. just kinda

and maybe i'll go shoe shopping .. i love shoes :$

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