Monday, November 15, 2010

If I Were a Boy ..

Which girl of us didn't sing this song at some point .. Which girl of us didn't wish her man to really listen to this masterpiece of beyonce and start being a better man ! start paying more attention for her and her feelings and stop taking her forgranted 
the thing that makes me wonder always is that girls are really from venus and mn are from mars yet the natural order of life is a girl with a man and the Homosexuality is the unusual thing .. isn't that ironic ! 
that totally two different things together is the natural thing to be .. when there is conflict and differences there must be comprimises and the sad thing is that usually the comprimises are from one side and yeah believe me its the Venus side ! always and always and always ughh sometimes i can't take it anymore some times i want to ask for more i want to shout from the top of my lungs and say yes i want the god damned fairy tale i wanna be the happy princess .. the happily ever after with my prince who loves me more than anything .. the times where everything is just so right and nice but how come ! 
what i hate about men is that they take us forgranted though they love us .. they just treat us like lame stupid silly creatures and they never actually try to listen try to embrace our differences and understand that we care about silly stuff those are what make us put up with the big stuff those what keeps us going the night love you call the i miss you text the no occasion gift those simple stuff shows affection for girls more than anything they take us to the moon and back but instead all guys are just drowning in their shit acting like they have to save the world and whatever the poor girl feels is lame n silly .. oh goshhhhhh ! 
if they just knew what we put up through .. they dunno that its us who complete them thats us whom they come to when the world let them down thats us who carry their burden off them .. so please guys show some damn gratitude !

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