Friday, November 12, 2010

Time to Study :S

Now i gotta go study a bit :S 
ughhh i actually hate to study or i dunno these day i dun find the patience to sit infront of a book for two or three hours anymore 
but i HAVE to !! and thats a part of me hating it that i have to am not doing it because i want to 
suddenly they told us you have the Eid vacation but after that the week right after it i have a quiz every day and some research and some project i mean wth !! why dun you just divinde the work why it all have to be in one week i have 3 quizzes and two researched that i should be aware of .. Damn FOPCU i hate you !!  
Now i will go study some phytochemistry .. which is th other name of boredom 
so i'll see you in a bit xx

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