Sunday, November 14, 2010

Yes Dina .. People change !

why .. why people have to change .. why people we know become people we used to know .. why people who were our friends now they are not .. people we cared about and they cared about us are now gone with the wind and when we meet we just look away !
Life is so ugly you know .. and shamefully i know that .. each year i grow bigger i see how ugly it is .. each step i take closer to someone i see more ugly truthes .. i really dunno sometimes this is much of a burden on m cause eventually when i go to bed at night i know that i am alone in this world and no on will have my back no one will stand up for me but me and this scares the crap outta me .. i always acts strong but deep inside am just a scared little girl and right now the little girl is freaking out from what is happening around her seeing every good thing every dream every friend slipping away from her hand but the big girl in my mind is telling her .. its okay dina .. life goes on !

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