Sunday, November 14, 2010

Oh La La

I've been going through websites of fashion brands like Gucci , Guess to get  an idea about whats is on for this winter and i came to some stuff to like i will try to get like them if i find 

Gucci Bracelet 395 $ !! 

and Mamma mia ! Check this majestic dress i know its not for me .. ofc(A) but i fell in love with it once i saw it 
Gucci Dress for 2800$ .. only ! :P
during my tour across i came through this dress , i was actually thinking of this style some dress at the knee long and wear som leggings on it and some boots flat ones coz am tall maybe dunno if this style while suit me or not but when i go shopping i'll definetly give it a shot and let you know 

this one here same idea 

its always fashionable on every winter this style a short dress with some leggings and a boot and if its cold u can put a short jacket on it .. i like it and i was thinking of trying change my style into more girly instead of the practical college cloth ..i dunno i will definietly check those styles out !
So on my shopping list , next to the victoria secret body splash , black nail polish and the silver rings .. will look for some dress like this .. i'll let you know what i got once i shop !

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