Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Nice Easy Way For A Baby Soft Facial Skin

its really easy and every week i do it like twice coz it keeps my face smooth and nice 
just if u dun have this steamy device you find at the hair dresser that you use in the steam mask just boil some water in the kettle and get a bowl and pour the water in it then get a towel 
put the bowl on a table then put your face in the steam not to close and not to far
as if your gonna dive in the bowl just closen up your face to the steam coming from the water and cover your head and the bowl with the towel
stay like this for 10 minute ( PS if you have trouble breathing then you are too close ) 
after the ten minutes are over .. dry your face and put some cream on it ( PS an oil water type ) which is the non greasy cream  
leave it for 5 min then move a cube of ice all over your face .. and Voila !

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