Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sometimes I cry Baby ..

beeen a really long time since i last wrote here .. well nothing much changed i wanted to say its better n all but here i am once again heart broken hehe but this time am much stronger am moving on and trying to look ahead i accepted it i accepted that the guy i loved nd i really tho8 he is the one isn't mine anymore am starting to let go maybe that cliche that we hear in movies that after a break up we shud take time n work on our selves isn't so bad afterall
well its time for me to start focusing on me what i want what i need n how to be independant n learn how to start taking care of myself  n not needing someone to lean on
i can't say i dun miss him .. i can't say that when i see smth he got me or hear a song that had a special memory between the two of us my eyes can't help it but tear but i have to move on and let you go and who knows what the future holds .. Maybe oneday you'll come back to me n we'll have a better relationship or Maybe i'll meet the person that i was supposed to be with all along n he will give me something better .. i dunno the unknown but i know am gonna be fine coz simply " Life goes on " !!

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