Monday, November 15, 2010

People We Have To Deal With Everyday .. !

During our daily life we come to meet different kinds of people each of them needs a special treatment ,, lets face it life will always be a bigger version of high school there will always be the cheerleader the queen bee the nerd the girl who get bullied by every one bla bla bla whatever but her i will discuss one of the characters we commonly meet with and how i deal withit

the " Queen Bee " the leader of the gang .. the hot funny popular chick wherever u are school , work , wherever there will always be the popular cute girl .. whom everyone wants to be her honestly i've come to meet her every where in school in college wherever i go there will always be a queen bee but fortunatly that kinda of girls dun affect me i dun give her attention and if god forbid she tried to trespass my teritory i make her regret i dun let my self get threatened by her and no body should be threatened by anyone just coz they are popular or hot ! dun let anyone make you feel like he \ she is better than you .. no one is better than anyone each and every one of us has a quality that god gave us some are pretty some are smart some are nice people whose smiles can lighten up a whole room ... everyone has a quality just dun let others take you down

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