Saturday, February 26, 2011

Until you Find Yourself its Impossible to Lose You Because I Never Had You Although I Wud Be Glad To I Probably Go and Tatoo Your Name On My Heart :)

Now Everytime that I See you I Pretend Am Fine When i Wanna Reach out to You !!

Don't Forget About Us

I promised you once that i'll nvr forget you or get married to anyone but you and so far i didn't break those two promises , two months went by and i still somehow feel that am yours and that you are mine .. i miss you i really do .. i didn't forget you yet and so far it seems so impossible to do that .. i still hold every good memory in my heart .. i hope you didn't forget about me .. sometimes i wonder if u moved on already do you still think of me as i still think of you or do you think of someone else .. i hope you are doing fine .. Don't forget about Us !

I Wish Today it Will Rain All Day Maybe That Will Kinda Make the Pain Go Away !!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Total Eclipse of The Heart

I still remember how everything looked better when i was in love .. i mean those days when a good phone call or a " i love you " text message used to make my whole day ,, it was nice having something to live for other than myself having someone to take care of me to be there for me .. the bad things that u did to me don't hurt me they are not what hurt or bother me the most what hurts the most are the good things the memories we made together the hopes and the dreams that were thrown away those are what making the getting over you really hard . Being close to you and seeing much with you made me see your flaws but as well it made me see how great you were with me how much fun we had together how we used to sing in the car and go to new places and argue about everything just for fun .. I remember when u used to look at me with your eyes saying what u don't really say showing how much you love me how much you care for me .. You did alot to me i became another person witya we were helding hands while crossing to maturation from being just kids .. I don't really regret having you in my life and i didn't want it to end this way .. but its over now it too late to save our love and even if its not too late am not the one who is gonna save it cause i did Enough 



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Friday Night Flava's By Dj Feedo

Almost 20 minutes left for the show to begin , Friday night flavas is the only radio RnB & HipHop Show in the Egyptian Radio ( Nile Fm ) presented my Cairo's #1 HipHop & RnB Dj Aka Dj Feedo ,, its my Favorite Radio show to be honest since am a Big fan of hiphop & RnB and a Bigger Fan of Dj Feedo himself he is a sweatheart you can follow him here :

and you can listen to the show online @ :    
the show starts @ 6 pm Cairo's time sharp .. tune in for the best RnB & Hiphop music all new and exclusive Dj Feedo mash ups 

Dj Feedo
 Ladies !! He is Single .. Y'all know what to do hehe ;)

Aubrey Drake Graham

Isn't he just the Sexiest man alive !! i dunno what kind of charm he has but am obsessed with him he is an amazing Rapper and i dunno when he raps its just go straight to my heart .. as if he was singing to me ( oh i wish haha ) he is just so amazing so hot  so talented KEEP GOIN' DRAKE you are the Best !!

My Drizzy ♥

I've Given You Too Much BUT I am Taking Back my Love


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rihanna's Life

1st : Chris brown hits her
2nd : Eminem Lies to Her
3rd : Drake cannot remember her name 
What a Life you have Rihanna .. Oh Na Na thats a Shame :P

Movie of the Day " Get Him To The Greek "

i watched this movie yesterday its actually a june 2010 production but it didn't come to the movies here in Egypt so i just got it from the internet
its freakin' funny !! starring russel brands which is katy perry husband if u dunno he is quite funny actually and the plot is about a guy who works in the music industry travels to england to get aldous snow - russel brands - who is a rock star to the usa for a concert in the greek theatre n they get to know each other 
its a nice movie .. i recommend it for a movie night ;) 

" Tune of the Day " Baby Please Dun Go !!

Sometimes I cry Baby ..

beeen a really long time since i last wrote here .. well nothing much changed i wanted to say its better n all but here i am once again heart broken hehe but this time am much stronger am moving on and trying to look ahead i accepted it i accepted that the guy i loved nd i really tho8 he is the one isn't mine anymore am starting to let go maybe that cliche that we hear in movies that after a break up we shud take time n work on our selves isn't so bad afterall
well its time for me to start focusing on me what i want what i need n how to be independant n learn how to start taking care of myself  n not needing someone to lean on
i can't say i dun miss him .. i can't say that when i see smth he got me or hear a song that had a special memory between the two of us my eyes can't help it but tear but i have to move on and let you go and who knows what the future holds .. Maybe oneday you'll come back to me n we'll have a better relationship or Maybe i'll meet the person that i was supposed to be with all along n he will give me something better .. i dunno the unknown but i know am gonna be fine coz simply " Life goes on " !!