Friday, November 12, 2010

I Wanna Be a Billionaire So Freaking Bad ...

i wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad .. buy all the things i never had !! and thats the issue now " The Things We Want But We Never Had "
most of us always think like what if i have this or had that and we waste time wishing for stuff that we dun have and go like if only .. if only and we forget that we already had stuff and we waste time wishing for other !!
people already have what they need we just don't know how its worthy until we lose it so am gonna imagine my life without some stuff and how would it be 

1. Internet Connection :
Wow .. I Can't imagine me with no internet connection .. its the only fun i have i literally live online .. yea i know i need to get a life but its so amazing how this thing can pass time so fast .. and i just love wasting time hehe so its my only way lol

2. Cell Phone :
its not with the big deal for me usually.. its just my only connection now with my sweetheart since he lives like miles away from me so its so important to me right now but when i am with him i couldn't care less about a damn cell phone

3. Facebook :
oh facebook how many times you made me happy and made my day and how many times you almost ruined my life .. facebook is a real bipolar weapon that can destroy you or take you to heaven .. sometimes it really make my day when i wake up and find a notification or a wall post from someone i missed and how many times it ruined my day when i get into trouble because something that happened on FB .. Good or Bad its still an addiction for me

4. Family :
am not really much of a family person .. i'm the kind of person who sits in my room all day staring to my laptop .. i like sitting alone i have one hell of an annoying sister but i love her tho , i love them all even though i dun show that much but i appreciate their presence in my life .. but not in my room lol

5.Friends :
Am not much of a Social person .. i dun get used to people easily but once you get to know me you will fall in love with me hehe .. i used to have a best friend .. but since i used the past tense you should know i dun have her anymore sometimes i miss her but its better off this way we had to go in separate ways .. Right now i have alot of friends but not as close .. i have a few from the internet and i absolutly adore them so life without friends it sucks ..but life goes on

6.My Sweetheart :
This is the one thing i can't spare .. a day without him feels like 100 years i mean i can literally feel the minute takes an hour to end .. he is my everything my life without him would have been way different and in a bad way .. so i thank god everyday because he gave me my baby who makes my life colorful

so am done focusing on the negative things .. i'll see the good stuff that i have and try to make the best of them instead of thinking of what i dun have ..

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