Monday, November 15, 2010

I Guess I Left My World in Somebody's Hand ..

yes i did .. my world is in his hands .. he decides what i do what i can't do how i feel happy or otherwise he can make my day and he can ruin my day as well 
its so dangerous to erase your personality to that limit .. but for me its too late am his he has control over each breath i take my heart beats to his name every cell in me has his name carved all over .. some times i feel with him i am in heaven he is my Eden and sometimes he puts me through hell .. and i just accept it i take whatever he offers .. i have no control what so any .. somtimes i dun like it hell with sometimes i am always not liking it but i like him .. like him ? hell with it i f****** worship the guy sometimes i ask myself why ? but i just do the shivers he give me when i just see him are undescribable i am cursed i am doomed with his love i am stuck on him like a stamp i can't go away i can't cut loose .. actually i can but i dun want to.. he may not be everything i want him to be but he is everything i need .. i see no one but him .. he's my Guy .. the Guy !


  1. thank you so much! How did you find my blog? :)

  2. i guess from tyra's or something .. i 've been going thru lots blogs i dun really recall
    but its a nice one tho ;)