Saturday, November 20, 2010

I Surrender

Am tired and scared and feeling so empty .. today i woke up feeling so empty so lonely .. i realized i dun have anyone .. am all alone i dun have a best friend to go hang out with .. i dun have someone who loves me to run to and hide in his arms my life is so meaningless .. i wish i die i dun want to live anymore i hate this life i hate how unfair it is i keep on accepting everything that happens to me but then what !! i accepted that am nobody then i accepted that all people will eventually hurt me then accepted being with the only one i loved with no hope coz i just wanted him and him only then now i lost him .. than WHAT !! whats left to lose whats left to live for i dun wanna wake up .. i hate waking up everyday to my world i hate my life i do and am tired of fighting and wishing for the best .. it only gets worse .. i wish i just die !

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