Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What Hurts The Most ..

i keep on wondering about how he just let me go as if he wanted to .. i mean is he happy now ? did he just moved on like he never knew me ? does he think about me ? does he miss me ? i dunno why my heart keeps telling me no :S i know the kinda guy he is .. he is so tough in ways i cannot describe i mean he will go on and pretend like everything is okay .. he will not come back to me i know and this is what hurts he didn't even try to talk about it 
and whats bothering me too is i can't stop wondering is he talking to another girls now .. will he meet a girl that he will like more than he liked me .. i mean losing him is something and imagining him with someone else is a whole other thing ! i can live with him not with me .. at least am trying and i'll get used to it but him with someone else .. i dunno :S
i hope you are happy now .. and maybe one day find what you needed and i couldn't give you ... 

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