Sunday, November 14, 2010

How To Win Someone's Heart ?

Simply Get Closer .. Show interest its the same whether the approach you wanna do is to a co worker or a girl that you like or a guy that you like .. when you start treating people like you care for them and u really care it breaks many walls .. but be careful i meant show real care dun pretend that you care when apparently you don't really care cause people can feel it when you are pretending and when you are not !
I as in example i really hate it when someone acts like he\she care when totally he doesn't ! if u care about me stick around if you don't just take the high way ! so be careful cause when you pretend some people have radars like me and it gives the total opposite result which you will lose them not win their hearts , so if : 

You Are a Girl n You Want To Win Some Guys heart : 

just start and be his friend , yea take a small step and be his friend get to know him and i mean really know him know what he needs and what he wants and just be that ! yeah seriously its that simple , guys are just big babies they need someone to take of them like always your job is to know how he likes to be taken care off what he need what is he missing in his life and just give him that just surround him start being around him in everything talk about him in everything , his work problems or school problems family problems hang together on a friday night and eat his favorite food while watching his favorite game the first step of any guys heart if being his "Pal" you have to be his friend first to understant him and know how he thinks how he feels so during the process of understanding him you just be his friend and by time be one of his closest friend make your self a part of his daily routine then suddenly dun be like this anymore i mean spend one or two days busy with anything .. he will start to feel that something is missing and soon he will realize that it was you then step by step take over his world make yourself a basic thing in his life take care of him give him the whole world give him love and care just without direct hints just hidden gestures and if he is the one and its mutual .. he'll notice soon enough 

If You Are a Guy n You Want to Win a Girl's Heart : 

Simple ! just be her Prince charming .. the thing that most guys do wrong is that they dun understand we are different from them every girl of us wants to live her fairy tale we care about the stupid lame stuff lame valentine lame phone call just to say i love you a stupid rose can make our day ! yes we are that silly ! but you cannot live without us :P:P
so just give the girl her fairy tale be her prince charming .. give her love and care .. make her feel like she is a princess get her roses from time to time just call to say you miss her make her feel that she is special and that you will always be there , forgive when she is wrong and give her chances .. take care of her soul don't erase her personality .. just love her !

If its a Co- Worker and you Want To Get Along With : 

just be Nice :) smile to him in the morning .. give him some coffee just show interest in his life and we are people thats enough i guess .. BE NICE !

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