Friday, November 12, 2010

The Secret Of Getting ahead is Getting Stared ..

What A Quote Said By Agatha Christie !! so true .. How many times i listen to people whining about their lives and there bad luck and how they get nothing at all and i wanna scream this quote from the top of my lungs .. i mean if you are not satisfied by how your life turned to be why not start over or take another turn re do some stuff in a different way change your life change your way of thinking the way you handle everything .. just take a damn step ! then fail again it doesn't matter but you have to take advantage of every possibility infront of you THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING TO BE DONE !! i hate people who just stand still and wait .. i'm not that kinda person and i will never be .. actually no one should be like this you always should have a million back up plans if plan A failed then B then C then Z .. you must have an endless amount of plans so you always figure out what to do next
Always Remember that the first step of pursuing your dream is waking up from it .. don't just stand still if you want something go get it .. life is too short to wait !!

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