Friday, November 12, 2010

A Word That always Bothered me ..


What the hell !! its so weird when some one goes like " eat your vegetables " or "Veggie" or " Vegeterian " 
it makes me feel awkward dunno why i feel like its not supposed to be called on stuff that we eat !! i mean i dunno i always feel something else should be named Vegetables something @ the physician or to be specific a Vet or a Gyn\Ob ... any thing which is gross !!
and the Vegeterian is the guy who is specialized in this gross stuff , Vegetation is the gross process itself vegetables are the stuff used in the process , veggie is some one who is new in this vegetation process .. and so on


  1. lol, I have a friend that does not like the words Viral and Moist. so of course we try to incorporate these words into every sentence.

  2. loooooool yeah actually there are some words that i don't seem to get along with
    Moist is one of them too btw , and osmosis whenever i hear this world i imagine a box of juice n its almost over and some one sipping with the straw you know that annoying voice .. ughh