Saturday, November 20, 2010

I Don't Care What They Say .. I'm In Love With You !!

gosh people these days are so getting on my nerves .. everyone suddenly is calling just to ask or sniff around why we broke up .. i barely pick up coz i know why they are all calling .. just to satisfy their curiosity and everyone goes like hmmm its better off this way !! people why is it better everyone has his own opinion why we are better off this way some see we were together for too long some see that we r not for eachother even our best friend said that we had alot of fights and its us not the circumstances and all and we were to leave each other sooner or later well EXCUSE ME people i didn't ask for anyone's opinion and though i will say something stop assuming what was going on between us even if we fight so what all people fight but we fought in those last few months not like ever because everything was falling over our heads but you know what we managed to get back to happiness everytime though everything we had something solid it was our love yes we love eachothers it was true though every one says it was the thing u have once in your life .. just once its the forever and ever material i dun care what everyone thinks .. maybe we broke up maybe its for ever but this guy is my destiny even if i am not gonna end up with hi but he was the one for me i was happy with him even when we were fighting i was happy to know that he is there and he will always be there or to be honest i was Safe to know that he will always has my back .. this didn;t turn out to be as i hoped ofc maybe the circumstances were stronger than him but not me i would have stayed but aftr what i saw i cudn't .. and he didn't try to pull me back but deep down inside me .. i dunno why i am feeling this but i know its not goodbye .. we r not through maybe i am mistaken but i dunno i still feel so .. and if its really over then people its not for the best or its better off this way .. if it was in my hands i'll do it all over again .. i dun regret any second i spent with him .. even if he will leave me rot .. he will always be my special baby and i will always be his loving mom cause my love for him is way bigger than any knife he put in my heart ..

I Surrender

Am tired and scared and feeling so empty .. today i woke up feeling so empty so lonely .. i realized i dun have anyone .. am all alone i dun have a best friend to go hang out with .. i dun have someone who loves me to run to and hide in his arms my life is so meaningless .. i wish i die i dun want to live anymore i hate this life i hate how unfair it is i keep on accepting everything that happens to me but then what !! i accepted that am nobody then i accepted that all people will eventually hurt me then accepted being with the only one i loved with no hope coz i just wanted him and him only then now i lost him .. than WHAT !! whats left to lose whats left to live for i dun wanna wake up .. i hate waking up everyday to my world i hate my life i do and am tired of fighting and wishing for the best .. it only gets worse .. i wish i just die !

Friday, November 19, 2010

Better in Time ..

today i woke up much better .. i guess its the power of time .. i am accepting it more now and actually living with it .. yea when i accidently remember something we had maybe few tears come into my eyes but i am sure in few weeks i'll reach the stage where i will just smile 
i am not angry anymore .. maybe because i have to live with what happened i had to find some inner peace with myself and thank god am on my way to complete peace .. i've passed the denial stage now i am in acceptance i fully accepted what happened and convincd myself that it really happen and i have to go on on my own 
what will happen next i dunno .. Whatever will be will be ! 
only what didn't kill me .. made me stronger !


today i was watching an episode from supernatural it was talking about when you die and go to heaven and their version of heaven was that you will have your own world made up of your best memories and i was thinking thats great and i imagined a day of my best memories from the moment i wake up till i fall asleep i made up this day gathreing memories from different days with the best memories and wow i won't mind living this day over and over and over and reliving such memories 
What are these memories .. can't tell you :P its my heaven !

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Goodbye My Lover ..

This is the last time am gonna write about you or talk about you with anyone .. am gonna take all our memories and bury it so deep inside of me .. yes i'm letting you go am setting you free .. i see you have moved on .. so quick yeah but thats time for me to move on too .. i can't keep living in pain and you feeling nothing i knew you wanted this all along and i hope that you get what you want i can't say i hate or that i'm releived now no your memory will always be honored .. i've lived with you the best days of my life so far i remember everything you were my first love .. my first true thing .. i really wished you were the one for me .. i loved you with my everything we have lived somedays together that however i tired i will never forget .. but they are all memories now .. memories thats gonna enter my small memories box and be locked up till further notice i'll gather everything you got me and keep it away so i prevent myself from seeing them and growing soft am gonna learn from you and be tough .. for the 4 past years you were my armour .. you  were the one i run to whenever i need someone you were all i wanted that i didn't bother knowing anyone else .. i was damn sure that you will always be there but apparently i was wrong .. the day we broke up i was in so much pain and the thing is i didn't find anyone to run to .. you were my all now ur gone and i have nothing .. so its time for me to be my all for me at least am sure that i can't leave me .. i won't say i hate you now or love you less but am gonna move on i can't just keep standing there watching you moving on and me just waiting for you to wake up someday missing me .. so your going now to be locked up in a box and i will act like i am okay until i believe it .. i'll go back and know people i'll put other purposes in my life other than living to love you i will never forget you thats a promise .. a part of me will always be for you .. you changed alot in me i'm a whole different person now and only because of you so thank you for that , thank you for everything .. i dunno whats gonna happen in the future i dunno if we will ever meet again i dunno if you will find the kind of girl you want or i'll find another guy the future is unknown .. but i'll not hurt you i'll go pretend like you nvr mattered as you did with me i'll just walk away with the shatters of my dignity .. and i'll mend myself up i know i can i'm a strong girl .. i'll get over this break up i'll forget all the bad drama we had in those last few months so when if i met you again i will be able to smile 
Good luck ya 7abiby .. lesa batmanalk el kher zy el awel we yemken aktr kaman .. we ab2a aftkrni bl kher don't fill you heart with hate to me 
khaly balk menak :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What Hurts The Most ..

i keep on wondering about how he just let me go as if he wanted to .. i mean is he happy now ? did he just moved on like he never knew me ? does he think about me ? does he miss me ? i dunno why my heart keeps telling me no :S i know the kinda guy he is .. he is so tough in ways i cannot describe i mean he will go on and pretend like everything is okay .. he will not come back to me i know and this is what hurts he didn't even try to talk about it 
and whats bothering me too is i can't stop wondering is he talking to another girls now .. will he meet a girl that he will like more than he liked me .. i mean losing him is something and imagining him with someone else is a whole other thing ! i can live with him not with me .. at least am trying and i'll get used to it but him with someone else .. i dunno :S
i hope you are happy now .. and maybe one day find what you needed and i couldn't give you ... 

Some Goodies From Vero Moda

these are some stuff i found on the vero moda website which am so gonna check if they are available here in Egypt Store

if only i can have you all :(:( don't worry ill try to get as much as i can :$:$

Lots of Rings + Black Nail Polish

yea i'm so into it .. i love black nail polish and i'm not shooting for a 13 year old wannabe punk look but its just so on this year , all the celeberties are in black nails now and the red Naaah not this year 
so i found a pic that may show you what i was talking abt earlier .. the style i am looking into buying it 

Hands Over My Head Thinking What Else Could Go Wrong !!

I and my Boyfriend Broke up yesterday .. i promised myself i won't talk about it but i just can't keep it in me anymore .. four long years are gone by the wind .. and for what ? i seriously dunno .. i dunno how we reached this limit where both of us are despising each others hurting eachothers intentionally .. and the thing is i said it its over and he simply walked away just like this with every step he took away from me i could see and memory turning into smoke ..
memories .. memories .. memories oh how many of them .. how many times i woke up thankful to god for giving me this guy and wondered what could i've done without him .. i remember every outing every time we laughed our a**es off about something .. i remember him getting me something just cause i asked for it and i forgot but he didn't .. i remember a time when we really loved eachother whn he was ready to do anything to me .. when life was in pink !
then problems happened .. lots of them lots of stuff saying we shouldn't be together but seriously to this moment i still believe that he is the one for me .. every one now is telling me its for the best and thats the right thing to do especially when the two of you had hit a dead end .. and its destiny but seriously no wise words gonna stop this pain inside me .. stop telling me its okay and its the right thing No its not it feels everything but right yeah we had some issues but i swear that it wasn't us we are two humans kids and they put like a 100 mountain between us but we managed to stay together .. but it was never the same .. they took hope from us and without hope we survived a whole year  so dun just tell me it was us cause i believe it wasn't us yeah we did fight alot but in different circumstances i know it would have been so different 
the pain of losing him is still unbearable i try to convince my self that thats is for the best but my heart just can't accept this fact .. so people its not okay even if its over now and really for good i will be sad i will mourn these 4 years properly .. and if he is mine i know we will find a way back to eachother ..

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Nice Easy Way For A Baby Soft Facial Skin

its really easy and every week i do it like twice coz it keeps my face smooth and nice 
just if u dun have this steamy device you find at the hair dresser that you use in the steam mask just boil some water in the kettle and get a bowl and pour the water in it then get a towel 
put the bowl on a table then put your face in the steam not to close and not to far
as if your gonna dive in the bowl just closen up your face to the steam coming from the water and cover your head and the bowl with the towel
stay like this for 10 minute ( PS if you have trouble breathing then you are too close ) 
after the ten minutes are over .. dry your face and put some cream on it ( PS an oil water type ) which is the non greasy cream  
leave it for 5 min then move a cube of ice all over your face .. and Voila !

Time to Put My Life Back Together Right Now !!

I Just Can't Keep Living This Way So Starting Today I'm Breaking Out Of This Cage I'm Standing Up Imma Face My Demons I'm Manning Up Imma Hold My Ground I've Had Enough Now Am So Fed Up Time to Put  My Life Back Together Right Now !!

Yes !! I've Had Enough .. Am So Tired I need to take over my Life again am done living this way just waiting for some miracle am gonna Change ! yes from now on a brand new me i know i've said that like 1000 times and i always fall back in the same pattern but at least i won't give up i won't back down i 'll kep trying till i feel like i've done something the first step is Taking over my life i need to decide what am gonna do later and i do it i won't just keep making plan and screwing them up ! no this time i need to change i need a desperate change the f****** miracle won't happen till i do it with my own hand ! don't you see people the miracle we are all waiting is for us to move .. do something if you wanna be better at school then start studying if you wanna get ahead in work then bust your a** more .. God is justice if you do something that deserve a miracle you will get the damn miracle but we are all lazy asses waiting for something magical to flip our world upside down will i hate to break it to you .. but its not gonna happen ! unless you take over yourself and am gonna start here with my self .. am gonna start building up my life and my first step is doing good in my next exams and i will .. i promise i will i'll do my best so i won't let down myself anymore .. Hola if you been down the same road !

Monday, November 15, 2010

I Guess I Left My World in Somebody's Hand ..

yes i did .. my world is in his hands .. he decides what i do what i can't do how i feel happy or otherwise he can make my day and he can ruin my day as well 
its so dangerous to erase your personality to that limit .. but for me its too late am his he has control over each breath i take my heart beats to his name every cell in me has his name carved all over .. some times i feel with him i am in heaven he is my Eden and sometimes he puts me through hell .. and i just accept it i take whatever he offers .. i have no control what so any .. somtimes i dun like it hell with sometimes i am always not liking it but i like him .. like him ? hell with it i f****** worship the guy sometimes i ask myself why ? but i just do the shivers he give me when i just see him are undescribable i am cursed i am doomed with his love i am stuck on him like a stamp i can't go away i can't cut loose .. actually i can but i dun want to.. he may not be everything i want him to be but he is everything i need .. i see no one but him .. he's my Guy .. the Guy !

Nails Fashion 2011 !

my favorite nail polish colors are black and crimson red but i couldn't help it but notice that though we are in winter summer colors are still on like sky blue and pink and pale red 
hmmmm i'm thinking to try them once .. why the hell not hehe ! 
so let's add it to my shopping list some summer colors nails loooool

If I Were a Boy ..

Which girl of us didn't sing this song at some point .. Which girl of us didn't wish her man to really listen to this masterpiece of beyonce and start being a better man ! start paying more attention for her and her feelings and stop taking her forgranted 
the thing that makes me wonder always is that girls are really from venus and mn are from mars yet the natural order of life is a girl with a man and the Homosexuality is the unusual thing .. isn't that ironic ! 
that totally two different things together is the natural thing to be .. when there is conflict and differences there must be comprimises and the sad thing is that usually the comprimises are from one side and yeah believe me its the Venus side ! always and always and always ughh sometimes i can't take it anymore some times i want to ask for more i want to shout from the top of my lungs and say yes i want the god damned fairy tale i wanna be the happy princess .. the happily ever after with my prince who loves me more than anything .. the times where everything is just so right and nice but how come ! 
what i hate about men is that they take us forgranted though they love us .. they just treat us like lame stupid silly creatures and they never actually try to listen try to embrace our differences and understand that we care about silly stuff those are what make us put up with the big stuff those what keeps us going the night love you call the i miss you text the no occasion gift those simple stuff shows affection for girls more than anything they take us to the moon and back but instead all guys are just drowning in their shit acting like they have to save the world and whatever the poor girl feels is lame n silly .. oh goshhhhhh ! 
if they just knew what we put up through .. they dunno that its us who complete them thats us whom they come to when the world let them down thats us who carry their burden off them .. so please guys show some damn gratitude !

People We Have To Deal With Everyday .. !

During our daily life we come to meet different kinds of people each of them needs a special treatment ,, lets face it life will always be a bigger version of high school there will always be the cheerleader the queen bee the nerd the girl who get bullied by every one bla bla bla whatever but her i will discuss one of the characters we commonly meet with and how i deal withit

the " Queen Bee " the leader of the gang .. the hot funny popular chick wherever u are school , work , wherever there will always be the popular cute girl .. whom everyone wants to be her honestly i've come to meet her every where in school in college wherever i go there will always be a queen bee but fortunatly that kinda of girls dun affect me i dun give her attention and if god forbid she tried to trespass my teritory i make her regret i dun let my self get threatened by her and no body should be threatened by anyone just coz they are popular or hot ! dun let anyone make you feel like he \ she is better than you .. no one is better than anyone each and every one of us has a quality that god gave us some are pretty some are smart some are nice people whose smiles can lighten up a whole room ... everyone has a quality just dun let others take you down

Supernatural , Season 4 , Episode 18

Okay .. that was just pure bullshit .. i mean yeah i've been pretty much open minded about the whole angels demons war and the End of the world .. But Seriously the Winchester's gospil lol and a prophet named " Chuck " you kidding me right !!
i mean yeah i can accept alot of imagination but people you took it to a new level of crap ! getting an alcoholic guy who dun shower and stay all day in house drinking and dreaming about the two brothers Sam n Dean to be a Prophet from god ! and writing about Dean loving the greasy cheese bacon sandwich and his affection to women now this come to be a gospil .. WoW i guess the writer was on crack the night he wrote this episode

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Yes Dina .. People change !

why .. why people have to change .. why people we know become people we used to know .. why people who were our friends now they are not .. people we cared about and they cared about us are now gone with the wind and when we meet we just look away !
Life is so ugly you know .. and shamefully i know that .. each year i grow bigger i see how ugly it is .. each step i take closer to someone i see more ugly truthes .. i really dunno sometimes this is much of a burden on m cause eventually when i go to bed at night i know that i am alone in this world and no on will have my back no one will stand up for me but me and this scares the crap outta me .. i always acts strong but deep inside am just a scared little girl and right now the little girl is freaking out from what is happening around her seeing every good thing every dream every friend slipping away from her hand but the big girl in my mind is telling her .. its okay dina .. life goes on !

How To Win Someone's Heart ?

Simply Get Closer .. Show interest its the same whether the approach you wanna do is to a co worker or a girl that you like or a guy that you like .. when you start treating people like you care for them and u really care it breaks many walls .. but be careful i meant show real care dun pretend that you care when apparently you don't really care cause people can feel it when you are pretending and when you are not !
I as in example i really hate it when someone acts like he\she care when totally he doesn't ! if u care about me stick around if you don't just take the high way ! so be careful cause when you pretend some people have radars like me and it gives the total opposite result which you will lose them not win their hearts , so if : 

You Are a Girl n You Want To Win Some Guys heart : 

just start and be his friend , yea take a small step and be his friend get to know him and i mean really know him know what he needs and what he wants and just be that ! yeah seriously its that simple , guys are just big babies they need someone to take of them like always your job is to know how he likes to be taken care off what he need what is he missing in his life and just give him that just surround him start being around him in everything talk about him in everything , his work problems or school problems family problems hang together on a friday night and eat his favorite food while watching his favorite game the first step of any guys heart if being his "Pal" you have to be his friend first to understant him and know how he thinks how he feels so during the process of understanding him you just be his friend and by time be one of his closest friend make your self a part of his daily routine then suddenly dun be like this anymore i mean spend one or two days busy with anything .. he will start to feel that something is missing and soon he will realize that it was you then step by step take over his world make yourself a basic thing in his life take care of him give him the whole world give him love and care just without direct hints just hidden gestures and if he is the one and its mutual .. he'll notice soon enough 

If You Are a Guy n You Want to Win a Girl's Heart : 

Simple ! just be her Prince charming .. the thing that most guys do wrong is that they dun understand we are different from them every girl of us wants to live her fairy tale we care about the stupid lame stuff lame valentine lame phone call just to say i love you a stupid rose can make our day ! yes we are that silly ! but you cannot live without us :P:P
so just give the girl her fairy tale be her prince charming .. give her love and care .. make her feel like she is a princess get her roses from time to time just call to say you miss her make her feel that she is special and that you will always be there , forgive when she is wrong and give her chances .. take care of her soul don't erase her personality .. just love her !

If its a Co- Worker and you Want To Get Along With : 

just be Nice :) smile to him in the morning .. give him some coffee just show interest in his life and we are people thats enough i guess .. BE NICE !

I'm In Love ...

Since i happen to be a wasting time-oholic , i didn't study and was going through accessories n checking their rings i found a ring i immediatly fell in love with ! 
Check it .. 

Cute Ring from Asos will you be mine :)
its not that expensive its just for 14 $ i sooooo like it and i may ask a friend of mine who lives in the US to buy it for me :$ 

Oh La La

I've been going through websites of fashion brands like Gucci , Guess to get  an idea about whats is on for this winter and i came to some stuff to like i will try to get like them if i find 

Gucci Bracelet 395 $ !! 

and Mamma mia ! Check this majestic dress i know its not for me .. ofc(A) but i fell in love with it once i saw it 
Gucci Dress for 2800$ .. only ! :P
during my tour across i came through this dress , i was actually thinking of this style some dress at the knee long and wear som leggings on it and some boots flat ones coz am tall maybe dunno if this style while suit me or not but when i go shopping i'll definetly give it a shot and let you know 

this one here same idea 

its always fashionable on every winter this style a short dress with some leggings and a boot and if its cold u can put a short jacket on it .. i like it and i was thinking of trying change my style into more girly instead of the practical college cloth ..i dunno i will definietly check those styles out !
So on my shopping list , next to the victoria secret body splash , black nail polish and the silver rings .. will look for some dress like this .. i'll let you know what i got once i shop !

Good Morning Blog !

I just woke up its 12:30 .. i kept waiting for my loved one to call but i slept and missed his call :S yeah stupid me 
other than this it seems like a beautiful day .. i am still in bed but now i am gonna go start it with some Coffee and Lionel Richie :" Good Morning " .. Enjoy & All Of You Have  beautiful day  !
Kisses , Dina 

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rascal Flatts New Album " Nothing Like this "

okay i listened to the album and it fine .. not their best but its okay but the song that really caught my ear and caputred my heart is " i won't let  go " its Simply amazing .. divine .. lyrics really went thru my heart .. especially its something i feel for my loved one i always wanted to tell him that i won't let him go .. like never i will always stand by him and fight with him and stand up to anything that may stand infront of us 
So M. darling .. i will stand by you .. i will help you through .. when you've done all you can do and you can't cope .. i will dry your eyes .. i will fight your fights i will hold you tight and i won't let you fall don't be afraid to fall i am here to catch you i won't let you down .. you are gonna make it i know you can make it cause i will stand by you 
Here is the song .. Enjoy !

4:30 am ..

4:30 am and i didn't sleep , i am a night person to be honest i just love nights and their cold shivers am doing nothing so i thought why dun speak her alittle
am listening to some old songs like the platters only you , and come fly with me to frank sinatra , Edith piaf oh how i adore her voice 
i am waiting for darling to call me so we talk abit before we go to bed .. oh god how i miss him been like three months since i last saw him .. i miss him so bad miss being with him and just seeing him infront of my eyes ... ughh hun why did you have to be so far :( 
he told me he got me some top he saw n liked .. i really loved that he thought of me and got me something .. isn't he adorable , well thts my baby ..always willing to get me anything just to make me happy .. love you darling to bits n pieces mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

In Paris ..

i'm boredddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd like hell i dunno what to do and i really dun feel like studying !
yeah i know what am gonna do .. am gonna pretend :$:$ lets pretend that i am in paris with my sweet sweet heart its night we are sitting there in a cafe seeing the magical lights of the eiffel tower , holding each others hands and  the sound of Edith piaf comes from far far away but i can still hear her say " je vois la vie en rose " and yeah if i am there it this scene i will see life in pink .. PARIS .. how i love you !

Shopping Therapy !!

Yeah ! Shopping therapy ... i really need to go shop ! i need to buy some nice stuff to boost my self esteem a bit when i buy some new outfits or perfume or smth and i put it on n it look good it totally changes my mood that new look i mean
i wanna go to get some makeup  ,, maybe some lipstick n a good eye shade , but the most essential thing i need is the body splash from victoria secrets i dig dig dig the Vanilla Lace , love the pure seduction too and a friend of mine lately recommended the " Delicate Petals " so am gonna go n check it
[ Vanilla Lace ]
Pure Seduction
[ Delicate Petals ]
Another thing i wanna buy is some black nail polish .. yeah i am a black nail polish fan ! i just love the way my hand looks like when my nails are polished in black plus am gonna go buy some silver rings with black stones in them and wear them like at least three in one hand i see models wear this style all the time and it kinda catched my eyes .. so am get some stuff kinda like this .. just kinda

and maybe i'll go shoe shopping .. i love shoes :$

On Hold For Twenty Years ...

Sometimes i just sit back and think .. What happened to me ?! Am i really 20 years old .. wow years must have gone by so fast ,, 20 years are like a lot of time and tho they are alot i am still waiting for my life to start .. but when will it ?! do i need other 20 years to make feel like i lived or did something thats worth mentioning i am afraid that life will pass by and i will wake up someday to found my self a 30 year old lonely girl with no friends no husband no kids no nothing to be mentioned just a crappy job and a crappy life thats my biggest fear .. to live and die like an ordinary person and i've always felt am anything but ordinary am a real strong girl who can do whatever she wants and have potential .. thats what i think of my self .. i can't be nothing but the thing is each year i grow bigger i see more ugly truthes about life .. life is cruel and unfair sometimes i pray for something good to happen so i can keep going but really nothing seems to be happening so i go like making a silver lining of everything bad though actually some stuff are just pure bad no silver lining but i try to keep going and make it to another day .. day after day waiting for the day that 
something good will happen in it .. but will it ever come !! this is the question ....

Friday, November 12, 2010

I Wanna Be a Billionaire So Freaking Bad ...

i wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad .. buy all the things i never had !! and thats the issue now " The Things We Want But We Never Had "
most of us always think like what if i have this or had that and we waste time wishing for stuff that we dun have and go like if only .. if only and we forget that we already had stuff and we waste time wishing for other !!
people already have what they need we just don't know how its worthy until we lose it so am gonna imagine my life without some stuff and how would it be 

1. Internet Connection :
Wow .. I Can't imagine me with no internet connection .. its the only fun i have i literally live online .. yea i know i need to get a life but its so amazing how this thing can pass time so fast .. and i just love wasting time hehe so its my only way lol

2. Cell Phone :
its not with the big deal for me usually.. its just my only connection now with my sweetheart since he lives like miles away from me so its so important to me right now but when i am with him i couldn't care less about a damn cell phone

3. Facebook :
oh facebook how many times you made me happy and made my day and how many times you almost ruined my life .. facebook is a real bipolar weapon that can destroy you or take you to heaven .. sometimes it really make my day when i wake up and find a notification or a wall post from someone i missed and how many times it ruined my day when i get into trouble because something that happened on FB .. Good or Bad its still an addiction for me

4. Family :
am not really much of a family person .. i'm the kind of person who sits in my room all day staring to my laptop .. i like sitting alone i have one hell of an annoying sister but i love her tho , i love them all even though i dun show that much but i appreciate their presence in my life .. but not in my room lol

5.Friends :
Am not much of a Social person .. i dun get used to people easily but once you get to know me you will fall in love with me hehe .. i used to have a best friend .. but since i used the past tense you should know i dun have her anymore sometimes i miss her but its better off this way we had to go in separate ways .. Right now i have alot of friends but not as close .. i have a few from the internet and i absolutly adore them so life without friends it sucks ..but life goes on

6.My Sweetheart :
This is the one thing i can't spare .. a day without him feels like 100 years i mean i can literally feel the minute takes an hour to end .. he is my everything my life without him would have been way different and in a bad way .. so i thank god everyday because he gave me my baby who makes my life colorful

so am done focusing on the negative things .. i'll see the good stuff that i have and try to make the best of them instead of thinking of what i dun have ..

Time to Study :S

Now i gotta go study a bit :S 
ughhh i actually hate to study or i dunno these day i dun find the patience to sit infront of a book for two or three hours anymore 
but i HAVE to !! and thats a part of me hating it that i have to am not doing it because i want to 
suddenly they told us you have the Eid vacation but after that the week right after it i have a quiz every day and some research and some project i mean wth !! why dun you just divinde the work why it all have to be in one week i have 3 quizzes and two researched that i should be aware of .. Damn FOPCU i hate you !!  
Now i will go study some phytochemistry .. which is th other name of boredom 
so i'll see you in a bit xx

The Secret Of Getting ahead is Getting Stared ..

What A Quote Said By Agatha Christie !! so true .. How many times i listen to people whining about their lives and there bad luck and how they get nothing at all and i wanna scream this quote from the top of my lungs .. i mean if you are not satisfied by how your life turned to be why not start over or take another turn re do some stuff in a different way change your life change your way of thinking the way you handle everything .. just take a damn step ! then fail again it doesn't matter but you have to take advantage of every possibility infront of you THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING TO BE DONE !! i hate people who just stand still and wait .. i'm not that kinda person and i will never be .. actually no one should be like this you always should have a million back up plans if plan A failed then B then C then Z .. you must have an endless amount of plans so you always figure out what to do next
Always Remember that the first step of pursuing your dream is waking up from it .. don't just stand still if you want something go get it .. life is too short to wait !!

A Word That always Bothered me ..


What the hell !! its so weird when some one goes like " eat your vegetables " or "Veggie" or " Vegeterian " 
it makes me feel awkward dunno why i feel like its not supposed to be called on stuff that we eat !! i mean i dunno i always feel something else should be named Vegetables something @ the physician or to be specific a Vet or a Gyn\Ob ... any thing which is gross !!
and the Vegeterian is the guy who is specialized in this gross stuff , Vegetation is the gross process itself vegetables are the stuff used in the process , veggie is some one who is new in this vegetation process .. and so on

Thursday, November 11, 2010


i am in love with this show .. i started watching it lately and now i'm in season 4 
i totally dig it .. lots n lots of imaginations and demons and ghosts but who won't just love to watch a hottie like Dean Winchster for a whole damn hour !!! 

I am just tryna be .. Happy !!

Here i'm !! 8 am in the early morning and i dunno what to do .. of course you can suggest many stuff that i actually HAVE TO do but none of them is something i Wanna do 
bored .. bored .. bored to the 7th layer of hell .. have plenty of stuff to do and maybe thats whats boring me to hell i always have stuff to do of course i should have known that when i entered Pharmacy school but is this it ? am i really this bored cause i have some study to do ?! 
the thing is i am losing the meaning of life .. i am losing the taste of everything sweet .. but then i say Aren't we All ? 
why did we turn out to be like this .. why every one i talk to is depressed and have loads of shit to deal with .. problems with friends , lovers , family , co - workers , why dun we just start living life as it should be and be happy 
i am sure that god didn't create us to be sad and frowny all the time god is mercy so am sure he wants us to be happy and am gonna do God's Will .. am gonna be God's good girl hehe 
i will quit trying to be happy .. Am gonna be Happy am gonna do what i want .. i will fall and rise again .. i will not quit trying .. i'l try n try n try all over again till i get what i want i want just stand still and watch life pass me by or wait life to hand me what i want i'll move my a** and go take it my self i'll aim high until i get what i want and if i didn't get it i'll try for another thing until i'll eventually get something .. i know i will
i'll just have faith .. i'll shoot for the moon and i know that one day i'll get there 
So Sadness , Pain , Misery , Loss .. Try Your Best .. it won't work ... UNBREAKABLE ME (H)