Wednesday, March 2, 2011

You are a Sweet Dream or a Beautiful Nightmare

Yesterday i had a dream about you .. I didn't have any dreams about you since a really long time .. i dreamt i was walking home and i suddenly found you infront of me as much i was shocked i couldn't help it but hug you so close to me as if i was afriad i was dreaming .. sadly i really was :S 
then we got into your car you told me you missed me and i swore i could see that look you always looked at me except for the last months .. that i love you look and told me you had this new job and you were really doing great at it and kept explaining it to me then we went to a cafe or something but i looked like my house and we sat together and we were sharing a chocolate ice cream hehe and we were having fun just like the old days then sadly i woke up ..i wish i've stayed asleep forever .. i missed that warm person that wasn't with me even when we were still together 

it was just a dream .. and it was nice seeing you after all this time even if in a dream cause i know it won't happen in reality although i pray you prove me wrong

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