Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A New Day Has Come :)

Morning Y'all ! 
just woke up like two hours ago .. Sorry been so busy these last few days i cudn't update my blog ! on sunday i went out with my friend Sarah , just like the old times really i was so happy i had so much fun we hanged out a lil bit had lunch @ Macdonalds which is our favorite place on earth lol and typically we shared the fries as ALWAYS hehe then we went to the sports club there is this kids swing we always sit on and buy some big fat bag of candy and gummy bears and start eating it and talking about any shit on our minds hehe oh how i missed that and how i missed having my best friend with me it was fun actually :)

i have an organic chemisty exam in few days and i should probably start studying for it lol i had the weirdest dream yesterday that i got a really high mark on my english exam ! and thw weird part is i dun even take English anymore lol 

am a bit sick today :( sore throat :( ) .. wish me to get well soon readers haha 
anyways i'll update soon with more songs or anything that come up on my mind lol 
ttyl . hugs

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