Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Who Would Have Known How Bitter Sweet This Will Taste ♥

Two Freaking long months exactly was the time we stopped talking to each other in .. yesterday we finally talked i was having the weirdest feelings ever strange mixed feelings .. i was happy i was sad i was surprised i dunno what was i feeling actually but we had a decent conversation for 3 hours without fighting just like the old times when we were friends before anything when we used to have fun & laugh together and that we didn't do in ages even when we were still together .. we talked we catched up and remembered our days together and suddenly it hit me .. the pain of losing you i suddenly felt it i suddenly felt all that i was suppressing inside of me i suddenly felt you were gone and that there is no more me & you i suddenly find myself smiling to the chat box a big wide smile and tears running downs my cheeks i was happy and sad at the same time .. i didn't know what to do or what to say all i know for sure is the i have missed you

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