Thursday, March 3, 2011

Am About to Lose my Mind You've Been Gone For so Long Am Running Out of Time I Need a Doctor Call me a Doctor to Bring me Back to Life

this time i am not writing that i miss you or how i wish u were still here today am really angry at you for doing to me alot of stuff that i dun deserve i dun really deserve being treated like shit i really loved you more than anything in the world i gave you my all there were no boundaries for my love for you or what i was ready to do just to stay with you and the fuck i got in  return !! i got dumped not literally cause basically i was the one who broke it off but it was you you pushed me into it i cannot even start with the listing the number of things you did to me in this last period how you couldn't even admit i am your girlfriend how you couldn't say that you love me back !! 
you know what happened today ? a friend of mine who had broke up with her bf like at the same time we both broke up she broke up with him you know why because he didn't appreciate her and he used to fight with her alot you know whats funny she didn't even take half the shit i took from you he didn't even do half what you did with me from u hanging up on me to saying that am not your girlfriend to dumping me whenever u get a chance you know you dumped me three times in 5 months !! when in our entire relationship we only broke up four times through the 4 years three of them where just in the last 5 months you know whats funnier !! that he kept begging her till he got her back when i didn't even get a proper break up .. why did you do this to me ? i know you loved me but why you never tried to compromise once for me just for me once you say you are sorry or that you miss me or at least i will be missed ! i dunno why tho you were the only thing i wanted from this whole world i would have done anything for ya .....

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