Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Art of Moving on

Moving on is not an overnight activity. You cannot simply say at night that you will move on tomorrow and expect it to happen the next day. It is a hurting process, made more painful if you still have that small part in you hoping against hope that he will come back. If you are missing your ex boyfriend now but you do not know how to move on, here are some things to help you do that moving on process.
• Stick to your mind the fact that the two of you are over. When all you can think about is missing your ex boyfriend, that is exactly what you will feel. Get a hold of yourself, girl, and do not pick up that phone to call him. Moving on can be made easy if you will only help yourself, not push it to desperation.
• Remove from your sight all those things which remind you of him. Give him back what he owns and get back those which are yours. If you will continuously keep those trinkets and mementos in your room, missing your ex boyfriend will only worsen. Do not dwell in self-torture by looking at something as insignificant as a restaurant receipt that will just bring back memories of him.
• Let go of your pent-up emotions by writing a letter addressed to your ex then burning it afterwards. You can write here how much you valued your relationship, how much you love him or something saying that you are missing your ex boyfriend. This will serve as the channel of those words that you cannot directly say to your ex. After burning it, you will feel not only satisfaction but also relief.
• A romantic relationship might have ended but friendship must not be forgotten. Since most people tend to overlook their friends and relatives when they are in a relationship, reconnecting with them after a break up will be good. You can stop from missing your ex if you will mingle with those people who truly care for you. Even if a thousand boyfriends dump you, these people will surely never leave your side.
• When you were in the relationship, most of your time was spent with him. So now that you are single again, it is good if you will start meeting new faces by engaging in worthy activities. Fill that emotional emptiness of yours with schedules of dance lessons, extension courses, environmental activities and the likes. These things will help you take out of your mind those thoughts of him, making moving on a bit easier.

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