Saturday, March 5, 2011

Every New Day is a New Chance for Me to be Happy :)

this my new motto :) i need to be happy i deserve to be happy i'll try to focus on the good things in my life i'll try to focus on other things other than my lousy love life
i woke up today in kinda a good mood dunno why tho i didn't sleep well i slept like 9 am in the morning and woke up a 1 pm ,, i have college tomorrow and my mid year grades are supposed to come up tomorrow or the day after am really scared :S but i dunno i want to know it to get over with it
i have an exam in two days which i know nothing about :S:S:S i need to do some studying today i hope i pass this course cause i really hate organic chemistry and i hate studying it :S
i have to study it so i could pass it i really wish i pass all courses this term it will be something good to happen to me and it will make me happy so much i hope so really 
anyways i dun feel like studying yet ... so i'll just see whats new on facebok and all till i feel like it
ttyl .kisses

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