Friday, March 4, 2011

Those People Who Just Make You Happy By a Simple Phone Call

Today i had one of those phone calls that can just make my day .. some people just bring happiness to my life by just being in it and you do so .. you always make me laugh and i am always happy talking to you 'cause some how i think you were god's gift to me to make me go through such a harsh time ,, they say when life shuts a door it opens a window .. i believe your friendship is my window .. just a phone call can turn my day around even when am so upset you always manage to cheer me up and don't hang up until i am laughing and feeling all better i do not think you realize what you mean to me you came to me when i was at my lowest that's why i'll always be there for you and i'll always get you back and do whatever it takes to repay what you did to my life even without noticing ! I hope we stay friends forever xx

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