Friday, February 25, 2011

Total Eclipse of The Heart

I still remember how everything looked better when i was in love .. i mean those days when a good phone call or a " i love you " text message used to make my whole day ,, it was nice having something to live for other than myself having someone to take care of me to be there for me .. the bad things that u did to me don't hurt me they are not what hurt or bother me the most what hurts the most are the good things the memories we made together the hopes and the dreams that were thrown away those are what making the getting over you really hard . Being close to you and seeing much with you made me see your flaws but as well it made me see how great you were with me how much fun we had together how we used to sing in the car and go to new places and argue about everything just for fun .. I remember when u used to look at me with your eyes saying what u don't really say showing how much you love me how much you care for me .. You did alot to me i became another person witya we were helding hands while crossing to maturation from being just kids .. I don't really regret having you in my life and i didn't want it to end this way .. but its over now it too late to save our love and even if its not too late am not the one who is gonna save it cause i did Enough 



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